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Have you ever been to a networking event or party and someone is too close for comfort?

Do you find yourself taking a step back to give yourself a better zone?

Body language can make lasting impressions on the people around us.

Understanding body language can not only improve relationships but give you the insights of thoughts and feelings of others around you.

Body Language conveys the truth that words sometimes cannot. It can show feelings of anger, submission, deception, lust, etc. It can enhance listening and communication, and help you “hear” between words being spoken verbally.

Personal space is a common issue for many people. Invading someones personal space can be interpreted as hostile or much too intimate in casual meetings with strangers.

How far back should you stand while talking to certain people?

This list of zones defines appropriate personal space in certain circumstances:

  • 12 ft. – For public purpose (avoid physical interaction)
  • 4 ft. – Social interactions
  • 18″ – Personal zone (Family and close friends)
  • 0-6″ – Close relationships (Intimate or your pet)