Kristi is a miracle worker! Since I began work with her, my acting career and personal life have improved tremendously.  Together we have pinpointed who I am as a person, and developed a personalized style that exudes my personality.  More than a great stylist, she is a wonderful friend.  She teaches you life lessons that will help you break through barriers in both your professional and personal life. Working with Kristi is a must for anyone serious about improving his or her life.

Krystyna Ahlers

Kristi: Thank you so much for our meeting yesterday.  It was such a helpful and informative session, you will have saved me tons of time, money and headaches!  I felt really good about all that we covered and, as I’ve mentioned, I also feel that I have an even better understanding of the actions I need to take in pursuing a successful acting career. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to a follow-up once I’m ready to go! Best to you!

Steve Suh

I highly recommend Kristi as a personal stylist. Her expertise and knowledge of fashion is unbelievable. The entire process is very easy and so enjoyable!  She is incredibly focused and concerned about you as a person taking the time to listen to your thoughts. She will work with your ideas and be able to tailor her service to your style and your budget.  Her amazing eye for style helps you build a wardrobe that not only compliments your body shape and your personality but also gives you the confidence you always wanted from your clothes! She is the absolute best and I look forward to continue working with her.

Kimberly Pauga

Kristi’s work with me allowed me to grasp a better understanding of who I am. As actors, this is so important not just for understanding type, but also because when auditioning for a role you have to bring your own juices. She inspired me to dig deep into my personality, soul, and every aspect of my inner being to  bring out the qualities that people want to see. I am forever grateful to her and would recommend her process to anyone.

Geoff Pilkington

As an actor, understanding your “type” and presenting that package to your customers (casting directors) in a marketable and consistent way is crucial. This is something Kristi Speiser helped me to understand and then act upon with great success. After getting clear on my particular “type” that I am most likely to be cast as, and then backing into the styles and looks that are prevalent for that type I was able to come up with an image and subsequent wardrobe that worked best for me. This has helped be clearer going into any project how I should dress and present myself and also served a guide in how I should create the marketing materials I use to market myself. I have booked 4 commercials and 2 short films in the 8 months since first working with Kristi, and I continue to work with her as my career unfolds and hope to for many years to come. She has been a great help in helping me have confidence and clarity regarding my image.

Chris Connell

Kristi’s knowledge & advice is second to none! Muchas gracias always!

Jesse Brainbridge

The wonderful thing about working with Kristi is that she’s very hands on, engaging and most of all extremely assertive. She knows her stuff like none other! She is involved in every single aspect of her client’s image.  It’s not really just about looks, Image is about a lifestyle. Through working with her, I understood that style truly comes first from within: How do I see myself and What do I want to say, how do I want to say, where and to whom? As an actress, this helps me fully understand and bring much more truth to my characters. It has helped me be a better and much more confident woman, thus a better actress.  It has been a life changing experience for the positive. Let’s just say that it has definitely changed the way people see me. I will always continue to seek her advice, guidance and support.

Katherine Castro

Thank you so much for a fabulous image consultation. You are a wonderful person and it was great to get to know you better while gaining knowledge to further my goals in my career. In a short period of time your guidance has really helped me make positive changes. I am very much looking forward to meeting with you again soon.

Heather Duncan

I came from Maui where we think dressing up is wearing shoes with your jeans.  I was so lost and fashion retarded it was ridiculous.  Kristi did not just help me find a look, she took the time to get to know me and find MY look.  The best thing about the whole experience is she helped me find confidence I did not know I had.

Malia Ho

Kristi is the best! She refined my image and suggested look ideas for a headshot that books! She is an expert at what she does but most importantly someone who truly desires to see her clients succeed in the industry.

Stephanie Fantauzzi