Aging and Self-Worth

  • Do you feel bad about your body, afraid of getting old, losing your beauty, afraid of being judged and basically give up on ever achieving the success you want?
  • Do you feel unworthy unless you fit into a certain size and you hate your body or struggle with eating disorders?
  • Do you think you’re less than others because you’re not perfect?

You realize that Prince Charming isn’t coming and you’re it!

You look in the mirror to find a stranger staring back at you. Who is this person?  You feel alone, unappreciated, lost and confused, afraid of the future, unable to make decisions, and maybe the clock is ticking a bit too fast.

I know what it’s like to experience aging and beauty from the constant societal pressure to be perfect and a spouse trading me in for a younger version.

I understand when a glass of wine or other substances become the remedy for life’s struggles.  The giving up and disengaging with life becomes easier than dealing with life’s problems.

  • Is your life spinning out of control?
  • Are you trying to juggle too much and stressed out about all the demands of your life?
  • Does fear of change overwhelm your decisions and you feel paralyzed?

These fears, failures, and feelings of low self-worth hold us back from experiencing who we truly are.  It stops us from manifesting our dreams.  It holds us hostage and we lose faith in ourselves.

Fears are about unknown future events that we have in our heads.  Failures are our judgements about the past.

Self-worth is OUR belief about who we think we are inside and let others opinions count more than our own.

How long will you wait in quiet desperation until you get the help you need, live closer to your soul, face life challenges with courage?

When will you start living deliberately and toward an authentic life you dream about?

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