As an actor, understanding your “type” and presenting that package to your customers (casting directors) in a marketable and consistent way is crucial. This is something Kristi Speiser helped me to understand and then act upon with great success. After getting clear on my particular “type” that I am most likely to be cast as, and then backing into the styles and looks that are prevalent for that type I was able to come up with an image and subsequent wardrobe that worked best for me. This has helped be clearer going into any project how I should dress and present myself and also served a guide in how I should create the marketing materials I use to market myself. I have booked 4 commercials and 2 short films in the 8 months since first working with Kristi, and I continue to work with her as my career unfolds and hope to for many years to come. She has been a great help in helping me have confidence and clarity regarding my image.

Chris Connell