Working Mothers

A working mom has to be hands down the most difficult jobs in the world.

You feel that getting through the day without killing someone or yourself is a successful day.

I remember being so tired that I dreamt of sleep.  I told myself that I wanted this life.  I wanted to have it all.  I wanted to prove I was super woman.  But what I found was that I was suffering. I was the bigger bread-winner so there wasn’t a choice to quit right away.

My husband, at the time, was working at night and me during the day. He wasn’t home a lot to share with parenting the kids so I had the bigger burden of nightly childcare and financial obligations.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • The feelings of guilt not raising the kids and seeing them grow up
  • The resentment of doing more of the chores
  • The lack of sleep making you irritable
  • The lack of time with family and husband
  • The loss of intimacy and sex effecting the marriage
  • Your body going through hormonal changes and weight gain
  • The added financial expenses of children
  • The added learning curve to raise a child

Let’s add one more unexpected ingredient to the recipe – a child with a disorder.

If you thought the above list was exhausting to read, add in the emotional, physical, mental challenge to raising a child with a disorder.

No one understands unless they live this.  It is something that only the care-giver or responsible parent understands.  It is a difficult life, one that can define what you’re made of.

Frazzled-Woman-BabyTherapy and counseling are great ways to deal with this as well as anti-depressants to help with the emotional toll.

My coaching gives working mothers and parents who would like another option.

I offer insights on how to live with deep compassion for one’s self now.  It’s okay to be angry, mad, depressed.  Processing this is essential.

I take it to the next step.  How to accept your life and make it meaningful?  How it affects your marriage? How it affects your time? What is the gift in the pain?

I offer a compassionate perspective and I have walked in your shoes. I have a particular sensitivity to coaching mothers who have children with special needs.

Life can be hard.  It can take you do the floor and stomp on you.  You can curse God until you surrender to the cards life has dealt you.

I will help you move past the “whys” and into the “how”

Coaching can help with:

  • Deal with the feelings of guilt, worry, and overwhelm
  • Creating a healthy balanced life
  • Define what’s really important
  • Learn how to communication your feelings effectively
  • How to bring back sex and intimacy
  • Define the family’s mission
  • Prioritize your life and what’s important
  • Grieving is necessary and pain is your ally
  • How can your marriage survive a child with problems?

The Process:

Complimentary 30-minute phone conversation to get acquainted with each other.

How does it work?

If we agree to work together I will send you a coaching agreement and invoice for our session package.

I have 3 packages to choose from. Minimum of 4 coaching sessions

Best results are a package of 3 months

You will receive a questionnaire to fill out before our first session.

I tailor the work to you and we will explore:

  • Identify the important challenges or transition
  • Identify your values, beliefs, and needs
  • Establish goals and vision
  • Create an action plan for your future
  • Keep you accountable during process
  • Email support throughout coaching

I’m ready to stop suffering, accept my life and make it meaningful, how do I start?

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