My Coaching can give you immediate help and perspective on your situation.

I will help you define the problems and unique challenges you are facing, bring clarity, and tools to gracefully transition to a new phase of living.  You can get relief by looking at the big picture, the spiritual aspect, and the practical side of what you can do next.

  • I will help you define the problems and unique challenges you are facing
  • I help you gain clarity and take control of your life
  • I help women heal their heart, repair their soul, and reclaim their life
  • I help you look better, feel healthier and create balance


Are you ready to do the work, embrace change, face facts, take responsibility for your life, stop self-sabotage, and create your best life ever?

Kristi-Blue-ShirtI blend together years of experience as a successful fashion designer, business owner, certified life-coach, certified image consultant, mother and a PhD. in life.

I’ve coped with some hard challenges in life: divorce, yep, abandonment, betrayal, yep, drug addiction, yep, eating disorders, yep, workaholic, yep, working mother, yep, child with disorder, yep.   I’ve been there and continue to go through challenges but I handle them with a new attitude and vantage point. I’ve been down to the depths of my soul and came out stronger and with kick ass resilience.

Let me light the way for you. I am here to help you back.

I’ve worked with actors, doctors, lawyers, stock traders, business executives, mothers and fathers, and adolescents.

I have worked with 14 year olds to 70 year olds.  There is no right time or better time than now to reinvent, reclaim, and discover who you are.   Start wherever you’re at.   If not now, then when?

With my blending of coaching and consulting I help you navigate life from two points of self-discovery in order for you to design your life.

Kristi gave me a handle on my life. I felt out of control and living in fear. Her compassionate manner and deep understanding helped me to see things from a different point of view. I love her wisdom and no-nonsense approach. I would recommend her work to anyone looking to get their life back together.” ~ Ashley, LA, CA

What would it be like to have…

  • More time
  • Better health
  • Less stress
  • Loving relationships
  • Look and feel better
  • More financial freedom
  • Connected to source

What if I told you that this is possible?

Life Design Coaching.  It will help you…

  • Deal with anger, frustration, and sadness
  • Learn to honor and let go of your past
  • Cope and thrive through life transitions with grace and ease
  • Embrace change and become learn to become fearless
  • Have better relationships with partners, family, co-workers
  • Survive and thrive through a break-up or divorce
  • Set boundaries and learn to say NO
  • Stop sabotaging your diets, your health, your finances
  • Enhanced communication and emotional intelligence
  • Attract career and job opportunities
  • Define your passions and learn how to achieve goals
  • Improved appearance for success and advancement
  • How to be appealing, sexy, and irresistible

Coaching gets results. Coaching works.

Are you ready to do the work, embrace change, take responsibility for your life, stop self-sabotage, and create your best life ever?

Do you have time to wait to Heal your Heart, make messes into miracles, and start Designing the Life you love?

Image your life when together we coach:

  • Healing from pain and disappointment
  • Honor your past, embrace the road traveled
  • Identify your unique character and archetypal traits
  • Know your values, beliefs, and fears
  • Learn to understand obstacles as growth
  • How you communicate with yourself and others
  • Identify Your emotions and feelings
  • What are your sabotaging patterns?
  • Where do you give away your power and how to reclaim it?
  • Take 100% responsibility for your life and stop victimhood

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