Image Consulting

In today’s world talent and skill are not enough in a highly competitive world.

Your image is a vital part of success in business and in personal relationships.

  • Do you look as good as you feel?
  • Do you feel your image reflects who you really are?
  • How might be affecting your success?
  • Want more of the “cool” factor for your partner?
  • Taking pictures or a video and you don’t know how to look?
  • Does your wardrobe look like you picked it out in the dark?
  • Are you still wearing clothes your mother or ex bought you?

I understand, and I can help.

My passion is to uncover and empower you.  I help you find your personal best.  I guide you to the image you desire and enhance the person you are.

The most important component in your image and personal brand is to have self-awareness.  This is where your strength and confidence will come from.

My approach is to blend the skills of a coach and consultant with years of experience in right and left-brain work.

I put together an action plan tailored to fit each clients needs and desires.

I help clarify what it is that you want and how we co-create an action plan to get the desired results.

Whether you are an aspiring actor, business executive, newbie dater, or back to the work force my approach isn’t about dressing you up, it’s creating awareness and enhancing that which is already there.

I educate, empower, and elevate you to a new level of energy and confidence that sets you apart and creates positive change.

An image consultation is to help identify a client’s look, identify how they are perceived, and how they can focus on their most bankable market.

The Process:

As an image consultant and personal coach I meet many people from unique and diverse backgrounds. There is no “One Size Fits All” with image consulting. Everyone has their own individual needs, wants and desires.

Consultations explore some or all of these:

  • Clarify your intentions
  • Identify YOUR Uniqueness
  • Create or re-create your professional brand
  • Personal Appearance/clothing/hair/body
  • Communication
  • Empowering yourself for real change
  • Creating the winning look for you
  • Headshot Consultations
  • Life Coaching – Transformative coaching
  • Personal Shopping – additional service
  • Wardrobe Analysis – additional service

My Process gets results fast!

  • Initial consultations Once you book and payment is received:
  • You book a one-on-one in-person or Skype appointment
  • I send you a Questionnaire to fill out before your appointment
  • During the appointment we address your wish list and design your personal action plan
  • Depending on your Unique needs we tailor a program to achieve results for YOU.

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