The Dating Game

In today’s world, understanding what image you project and how it is perceived is vital to success.

In our modern day visual world, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you want to stand out, get noticed, and date more?

Knowing how you’re perceived and what you are projecting is essential to finding the right person.

Image consulting isn’t about being something you’re not!

It’s about taking who you are and enhancing this to truly reflect the person you feel you are and want others to see.

If you are back into the dating game and feel insecure, afraid of rejection, and want to attract the right person then why not invest in yourself?  Wouldn’t you want that from your date?

If you don’t look like your profile picture, you’re wasting your time and your dates time.  It is deceptive. Is that the way you want to start out?

When you are ready to step into the next best version of yourself an Image Consultation or the Life Design Program is for you.

Gets results fast and put your best face forward!

Image consultations will cover:

  • What do you want to project to others?
  • What do you project now?
  • Your appearance
  • Your clothing
  • Your behavior
  • Your communication
  • Your picture

Become the best version of yourself Inside and Out:

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