My Manifesto

1. Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is a key to living a joyful life. The journey within is the most important journey of your life.  Knowing who you are and what you value is vital to living a more productive and meaningful life.  Exploring your truths is key to how you view the world.

2. Authenticity and Values

Knowing what your values are create and design the code of ethics you live by. These are the corner stones of living your truth and creating a meaningful life. By living these or “walking the talk” you have a foundation to live Authentically.

3. Relationship(s)

Relationship(s) with self is the path to relationships with others. By having a healthy self-relationship, you can then have successful relationships with others. You are creating relationships every day with everyone. It is important to be aware of how you are managing those. Creating meaningful honest relationships is vital to living a balanced life.

4. Balance

Balance is created by honoring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Living a life of balance is essential to keep the system healthy and thriving. It is the cornerstone of stability and beauty.

5. Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your life and learning from the consequences of your actions is fundamental. The road of life is littered with obstacles and taking responsibility on how we navigate those is the art of living.

6. Acceptance and Attachments

Learning the art of acceptance and non-attachment is a true path of enlightenment. By accepting what we are and what we are not, can be a profound liberator. By practicing the art of non-attachment we can reduce suffering.

7. Growth

If we are not growing, we are dying. We are eternally teachers and students. By exploring new experiences in life and stepping into the unknown we grow to new heights. It is important in life to continually learn new things. We attract to us the people and experiences to give us the most growth.

8. Communication

All of life communicates verbally and non-verbally. In order to live a more productive life we need to know how we are communicating. To communicate is to “commune” with others. It is the art of listening as well as expressing.

9. Attitude

How we show up emotionally in our lives says a lot about who we are. Do we come in with curiosity or with pre-conceived beliefs? Do we have a positive attitude or one with fear, worry, anxiety, shame, or guilt?

10. Energy

Your energy speaks before you open your mouth. It is your attitudes, beliefs, truths, and energetic field you carry 24/7. You can carry victim energy (dark energy) or positive (light energy). It is as important is know what energy you have and how it effects the world around you. Be vigilant in managing it.

11. Resilience

Developing this trait will be vital to success. Everything is for you. All experiences have a gift in them. Look to develop a more resilient stance in life and nothing can take you down.

12. Purpose and Passion

Knowing your purpose or living your passion is key to living authentically. Discovering these elements can liberate you from negative self-sabotaging tendencies.