The Executive Image


Several studies have been done by top research facilities in the country showing that first impressions are made within 1-10 seconds.  This is done on many levels, Appearance, Behavior, and your Communication.

The truth is that people size you up. We are all profilers!

Your image is the way the world perceives you.

In today’s world, understanding what image you project and how it is perceived is vital to success.

In our modern day visual world, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you want to blend in or stand out?

Do you know the culture or group you are appealing to?

Are you clear how to send a message or how to make others comfortable with who you are?

There’s nothing more awkward or embarrassing than standing out like a sore thumb when you want to blend in.  And conversely when you want tostand out and you are forgettable and boring.

When you don’t look the part, most times, you don’t get the part.

Studies show people determine someone’s image to communicate:

  • How much money you have
  • How much education you have
  • If you have credibility
  • How sophisticated you are
  • How trustworthy you are
  • How successful you are
  • How sexy or attractive you are
  • What your sexual preference or role identification you have
  • Ethnic background and religious background.

Your image is the message. It is broadcast by your:

  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Communication

It’s important to know how to express the message and know how the message is being received.

First and foremost, it needs to be authentic and appropriate.

A defined image is a congruent communication that comes from both inside and out.

Whether you are applying for college, starting your career, climbing the ladder, or getting back to the job market, a well defined image is vital in a competitive marketplace.

I combine my coaching skills alongside my image consulting to insure the most authentic message.

I help you create and express the real you at the right time.

Advantages of crafting the correct image:

  • Higher rate of employment
  • Higher rate of job advancement
  • Higher rate of college entrance
  • Higher level of perceived authority
  • Higher rate of responsibility
  • Higher rate of leadership roles
  • Higher chances of winning elections
  • Higher rate of likability

Image Services cover some or all of these depending on the client needs.

1. Your Unique Identity

  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Clarify your intentions and goals
  • Define your unique character and style

2. Express Yourself

  • Clothing communication
  • Shopping options (Where to go and how to shop)
  • What to wear and when to wear it
  • Hair, Make-up, Grooming
  • Body, Fitness, Diet
  • Speaking, Voice, Body language

3. Communicating your Personal Brand

Your authentic self expands beyond your physical image. Your website, LinkedIn, professional pictures, videos are also a part of your brand. These online expressions are a reflection and extension of you.

  • Behavior, Etiquette
  • Marketing Image
  • Professional pictures
  • On-Camera and videos presence
  • Online Image

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