Kristi and I found each other just as I was transitioning into my own. She helped me see the beauty of my newfound butterfly wings and how to project that confidence and freedom into my image. I came from the Mid-West where conservative and minimalist fashions were dowdy at best. She helped me realize the image I was putting out there was not an accurate representation of who I was. She opened my eyes to a world of color, silhouettes and accessories. Through her nurturing, I not only discovered the ability to reflect my essence outwardly, but also how to own it.

Leena Huff

I went to Kristi for a consultation as I was regularly being typecast as an athlete and bouncer. With her guidance and expertise, we transformed my image to what it is today. Working with her absolutely helped me in booking several roles and obtaining representation. I continually work with her as she’s now my image manager. She is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone in the entertainment business.

Matt Kohler

I felt like I was being pulled in a dozen different directions when it came to my career: my look, my characters, my goals, my personality… Kristi brought all that into focus. After meeting with her I now feel like I have the freedom to embrace my unique self and present that self with a confident clear understanding of where I’m going. Hallelujah! Thanks Kristi!!!

Shayna Rose

Kristi Speiser has a luminous quality that invites her clients to shine as well. I found my image consulting session with Kristi extremely helpful in assisting my being prepared, laser focused and at ease for my photo shoot. Her discernment and honest feedback helped make for a delightful process of identifying and embracing my essential qualities. Thanks, Kristi for your affirming coaching style and generosity of spirit!

Gregory Vahanian

Just wanted to share that I just booked a commercial for Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer after one session. Thank you for the nudge.  You are my new guru!

Dawn Michaels

I appreciate and value your opinion. You have years of experience in the fashion and acting industry that is so valuable. Everything you have recommended me to from wardrobe choices to acting coaches has fit with my goals and has worked out amazingly. I value the fact that you made LA feel slightly less foreign when I first arrived. You made me feel like I was in the right place career wise and definitely
helped me make a solid game plan but you also made me feel like I had someone in my corner that would be there for support even outside of acting/fashion advice. You also made my parents (my mom especially) feel more at ease with my decision to
move 2,000 miles away.

April ~ Los Angeles, CA

Kristi gave me a handle on my life. I felt out of control and living in fear. Her compassionate manner and deep understanding helped me to see things from a different point of view. I love her wisdom and no-nonsense approach. I would recommend her work to anyone looking to get their life back together.

Ashley ~ LA, CA

Your course was very beneficial to me. I think it help me figure out that I’m not doing the things that are aligned with what I want to do. I feel it was helpful to listen to other peoples issues and learn from their stories and solutions to their problems.

Suzy ~ Sherman Oaks, Ca

You have a powerful clear and insightful way about you. You stay focused on the end result when others want to spin. Your keen insights make you able to grasp the situation quickly. Kristi has a good heart and genuinely cares about people. Trustworthy with a sharp wit and sense of humor.

Tom T. ~ Hollywood, CA

I think one of your strong suits is you make people feel comfortable. You’re not judgey, but very supportive. You have a way of delivering the truth in a direct but kind way. You are very insightful and intuitive, but down to earth.

Your experience and knowledge of pinpointing the underlying issues for your clients, from what I saw is such a major relief. Plus the fact that I got so much out of just one visit is remarkable. I like the fact that you weren’t pushing a 10 session package, as well – ex: only delivering a portion of what you knew I needed in order to hook me in for several more sessions. I think about the insights you offered and have to say they were so valuable.

Diane Z. ~ Long Beach, CA