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“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”

-Mark Twain


Lately the subject has come up about living your values.  I, as well as many others that I’ve spoken with lately have had to compromise themselves for their professions.

In my past career I had to lie to the buyers for my boss. We were always telling them the goods had been shipped even though they weren’t even off the production line.

A  friend told me how he had to cook the books or look away from the financials of a huge tech company in order to make the numbers look good for the stock holders.

The actors who are expected to play the stereotypical roles that hang heavily on their conscious in order to get work.

Or my sister who works for the VA and has to follow the idiotic policies to care for our vets with fingers in the dike solutions.

Has it always been this way?  Can we possibly tell the truth, get a job that supports our values or do the right thing in the name of human moral obligation?  Have we breed into our DNA that the end justifies the means?

I may be gullible and an innocent in many ways but I know when things don’t feel right, look right and smell right.  It usually means it just ain’t right.

When do we finally make a stand for dignity and moral obligation?  And if we do what is the price we have to pay?