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Leadership isn’t something that is given, it is earned.


Great leaders bring out the best in others, and inspire them to take action.

We all have what it takes to be a leader. We either chose to be a leader or not.

Bad leaders use negative tactics such as intimidation, manipulation, and deceit, and lack integrity. Bad leaders want to take credit for others’ success or not take responsibility for their actions.

A business owner I once knew very well didn’t want to be present at his location and chose to delegate to his employees. He preferred to work over the phone or through email. When an employee didn’t do a job to his liking he’d brow beat them or make sarcastic remarks to get his point across. The behavior went to the point of shouting, lying, or talking behind their backs to others. When face-to-face with the employee, he pretended to care or understand but in private he gossiped and complained. How often have you seen or heard of a situation such as this, or know a person who would talk about you as soon as you left the room?

We lead through our actions and words.

We lead by example throughout our lives.

GREAT leaders:


You can choose to lead with these qualities, and achieve self-worth, gain respect, and a great level of success. It is never to late to become the leader you wish to follow.