Monthly Archives: April 2011


Non-stop work for Katherine

Katherine Castro who has been with me for 2 years is working non-stop. She's currently on location in the Dominican Republic working on the film "El Gallo." From there she flies to Atlanta for "Pulse of the Indigo." In Production: "El Gallo" (filming) "Pulse of the Indigo" (filming) Completed: Executive produced and acted in the [...]

Katherine Castro’s New Website

She's on might have something to do with her amazing new website. Check it out here:

Head Over Spurs in Love

Leena Huff's film "Head Over Spurs in Love" premiered in Westwood on Mar. 24th. Managing Leena then, I persuaded the director to choose her over the other actor. Leena was amazing as well as her leading man, Daniel Bonjour. Ana Zins was the director of the film which is now looking for distribution.

Rag and Bone

Kristi attended a kick-off for clothing line Rag and Bone with the head designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. This line is amazing, especially their trendy amazing shoes! I am wearing head-to-toe Rag and Bone, retail price for all pieces: $4,000. Ouch!