Matt Kohler has worked on nine films during the first half of the year. First, he starred in With Hope as Berek Landor, a Polish immigrant who travels to California in 1940 in the hope of creating a better life for himself and the love of his life. They are separated during this struggle and only have hope to keep them strong. Next he starred in Newsdash as Nat Perkins, a cocky young newspaper reporter in the 1940s that will stop at nothing to get the story and retain his position as the boss’s favorite son.

In Ballet Thief, he starred as Anton who poses as a famous Russian ballet dancer to help his sister con a crafty gold digger into getting her claws out of their father. Then he starred as Edward in the remake of the classic play Spike Heels written by Theresa Rebeck. Pygmalion meets Sex and the City describes this comedy of manners which explores sexual harassment, misplaced attraction, and the possibility of a four-sided love triangle. He then was featured as an aspiring actor who plays a thug in the comedy Change of Plans., which was submitted for Beyond the Still, a Canon-sponsored contest.

After that, he starred as Todd Stein in the comedy Franklin Stein by Torchbearer Films. A horror comedy that provides an updated version of the classic story of Frankenstein. Todd and his college roommate, Clive Franklin, create a love potion in hope to overcome their struggle with women, but not without a HUGE side effect. Franklin Stein is part of the Archives of Horror anthology, five short films rolled up into one connected thread where the original monsters that frightened audiences nearly 80 years ago, return to scare a new generation! Archives of Horror will be submitted to the Austin Film Festival.

Recently, he starred as Colonel Jake Loufrain in Last Man Standing and was featured as an FBI agent in Subtle Persuasion by Paradox Films to be released in theaters this October. His latest project in which he starred is No Exit, a film noir film in which he plays a secret lover to a woman with apersonal mission to better her life.