Monthly Archives: July 2010


Matt Kohler’s Films

Matt Kohler has worked on nine films during the first half of the year. First, he starred in With Hope as Berek Landor, a Polish immigrant who travels to California in 1940 in the hope of creating a better life for himself and the love of his life. They are separated during this struggle and [...]

Welcome Katherine Castro

Katherine Castro is on the move! She is currently studying hip hop dance and salsa, and continues with Flamenco, Aerial (Silk Trapeze) and Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts -- currently a blue/red belt). She is also attending voice and singing lessons twice a week and continues to study acting with Aaron Speiser. She has booked several [...]

Welcome Lori McShane

This fresh-faced beauty is looking for representation. She is SAG. She has a sultry quiet seducing voice that is one of her trademarks. Her casting type is the mean rich girl, the other woman, European royalty, highbrow, a southern girl or classic woman behind the politician (think Gwyneth Paltrow but with an attitude).